Man is remanded after giving false bail address

By by Court Reporter Twitter: @iomnewspapers in Crime

A 28-year-old Douglas man has had his bail revoked after he gave a false address to the court.

Carl Francis Kelch, gave his address as Hillside Avenue, Douglas, when he was granted bail on July 4 after he had pleaded not guilty to an assault charge.

However, the court heard that police attended the Hillside Avenue address on July 10 at 11.50pm in relation to another matter.

The occupier of the address told police that Kelch was not living there and had not lived there since 2006.

He was subsequently arrested for breaching his bail conditions on July 11 and made no reply after caution.

Kelch admitted the breach in court and that he not been living at the address.

His defence advocate, Paul Glover, said: ’It is his mother’s address.

’He has stayed there on and off but it is more of a correspondence address.

’Our office has been sending correspondence to that address and we have not been contacted about it.

’Mr Kelch does regularly stay with other people. He has been staying in Prince’s Street in Douglas but he asks that correspondence is sent to the other address as he knows the post will get to him there.

’He will abide by any further conditions. He says he intended to raise the issue and would accept a curfew to ensure the situation doesn’t arise again.’

Prosecutor Hazel Carroon said: ’We would object to bail, the address put forward was completely incorrect. It only came to light due to a separate incident. It’s not as if Mr Kelch has come forward and said this is not where I reside.

’If another address is being put forward we would want the opportunity to check it out and make sure he is residing there.’

Deputy High Bailiff Jayne Hughes said: ’You admitted the breach. Not only have you not been residing there but it would seem you have not been since 2006. I am not satisfied with bailing you to a new address unless it has been checked by the police.’

Kelch was remanded in custody until July 18, when he may apply for bail again.