Changes to steam traction engine programme after complaints about traffic jams; Sunday's Sloc event cancelled

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After a lot of complaints about traffic jams, changes have been announced for the slow-moving convoy of steam traction engines and trailer carrying a steam railway locomotive around the Isle of Man.

At 10am the vehicles set off from Ramsey quay, travelling to Bowring Road, Jurby Road, St Jude’s and Sandygate to Jurby.

This afternoon at 5.30pm the vehicles will make the return journey from Jurby to Ramsey using the same route.

Tomorrow (Saturday) at 10am, the vehicles will leave Ramsey quay to travel over the Mountain Road to Douglas.

The convoy will then pause at the Grandstand before journeying to Banks Circus once traffic levels permit.

Anyone who has bought a ticket for today’s postponed trip over the Mountain, or Sunday’s trip over the Sloc, which will not now take place, can travel tomorrow (Saturday) on the bus leaving Douglas Railway Station at 9am.

This goes to Ramsey and then follows the convoy over the mountain.

The Mountain Road remains closed and so this is the only way to view the convoy and no further tickets are available.

The Snaefell Mountain Railway will be operating as scheduled, however, and will provide an alternative option for people to view the convoy as it crosses the line at the Bungalow.

The Department of Infrastructure has apologised for tailbacks caused by the convoy and for the change of schedule and asks motorists to be patient on these routes today/tomorrow.

The convoy forms part of the Isle of Man Festival of Steam, running from April 14 to 23.

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Steve · 124 days ago · Report

people get a life.... so you we`re held up.....ROLL on T.T...

Clint · 124 days ago · Report

Where's the fire? Think of your heart. Calm down dear!

Manx born (formerl CV) · 124 days ago · Report

I presume some type of authority or liaison with the Department of Incompetence was required. Which is probably why it was allowed to go ahead when the Mountain Road was closed.

middlec2 · 124 days ago · Report

Traction engines are great to see for some, but they should not travel in a convoy on public roads. Those I have seen travelling to and from steam festivals do so singularly, although they are slow and do cause disruption to traffic, by not being in a convoy they do give motorists a chance to pass.

Post Truth Correctional Officier · 124 days ago · Report

I would hazard a guess that the same people complaining are the same anti-cylclist gang

ET · 124 days ago · Report

I wish all hobby groups the very best but this particular one really needs to stick to inviting fellow enthusiasts to a kettle-boiling Fest in the privacy of their own garden sheds. There is no need or requirement to dangle your latent enthusiasm all over everybody else's lives and imagine they're going to enthuse. Because they won't and they don't...they have a great life of their own.

Sulby Knight · 124 days ago · Report

Some lunatic obviously thought this was a great idea..whoever it was, please don't let them have any more ideas!

Bluemonday · 124 days ago · Report

Who planned this shambles?

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