Freemasonry stamps include an invisible logo

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A set of Manx stamps has been launched to celebrate Freemasonry.

The stamps are filled with symbols and references including a hidden logo visible only under UV light, GPS references to places important to Freemasonry, and a subtle ribbon honouring the 50th year of office of the current Grand Master, the Duke of Kent.

Notable previous Grand Masters have included King George VI who on his accession to the throne, like all his predecessors, resigned all masonic offices.

However, at this point he was invested as a Grand Master of England on June 30, 1937 in celebration of his coronation.

The hidden logo that is used on the stamps is a security ink printed device which is the official logo of the UGLE Tercentenary and has been officially approved for use by the Grand Lodge.

The logo will also become visible through the postal system as items are scanned as well as under UV light.

Freemasonry is described by its followers as a ’system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols’. The society says it ’instils a moral and ethical approach to life in its members based on integrity, kindness, honesty and fairness’.

The collection features architectural elements from the lodges of England and the Isle of Man as inspiration for the background illustrations.

The main features however are the badges of office of the senior officers within the lodge.

The 20p stamp bears the badge, the Jewel, of office of The Steward on a background of geometric patterns.

The jewel represents a cornucopia or ’Horn of Plenty’, a symbol of abundance and plenty. The GPS reference is the Freemasons’ Hall in the Isle of Man.

The first Class stamp depicts The Inner Guard’s jewel, two swords in saltire with a backdrop of Art Deco lines. The GPS reference is that of the Grand Master’s Throne in the main lodge room at Grand Lodge, Queen Street, London.

The 50p stamp shows the jewel of the Junior and Senior Deacons, a dove carrying an olive branch, symbolising a faithful messenger, on a background of stars. The star design is taken directly from the ceiling of the Great Hall at the Grand Lodge. The GPS reference is of the Freemasons’ Hall in Bristol.

The £1.30 stamp bears the jewel of the Junior Warden, a plumb rule, symbolising moral uprightness and integrity, on an Art Deco pattern. The GPS reference is for the Masonic Memorial Garden at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire.

The penultimate stamp, £1.74, depicts the jewel of the Senior Warden, a level, which symbolises equality on a background inspired by the windows of the Freemasons’ Hall in the Isle of Man. The GPS reference is that of the blue plaque marking the site of the Goose and Gridiron Public House in St. Paul’s Churchyard where the first Grand Lodge was formed 300 years ago.

Finally, the £3.40 stamp bears the jewel of the Worshipful Master, the square, on a background of overlaid right angles. The square represents morality and is the symbol of regulated life and actions. The final GPS references are very significant as they represent the charitable giving of Freemasons and refer to three landing pads of the Air Ambulance service in Caernarfon (Wales), RAF Benson (Thames Valley) and Royal London Hospital (London). The GPS references are accompanied by the Call Signs of the helicopters that have saved so many lives.

In the accompanying text, Provincial Grand Master of the Isle of Man, Keith Dalrymple, provides an insight into Manx Freemasonry which has a similarly proud and colourful history. Originally, lodges met from 1765 under the auspices of the Grand Lodges of Ireland and Scotland. Then in 1864, the first Manx lodge, ’The Athole Lodge’ was founded under the Grand Lodge of England. Subsequently, Freemasonry flourished and the Isle of Man now has 19 lodges, one of which is named after the world famous TT races.

Keith Dalrymple, provincial grand master for the Isle of Man, said: ’We are delighted with these superb stamps produced by the Isle of Man Post Office to mark Freemasonry’s momentous 300 year anniversary.

’The six vibrant images vividly illustrate symbols and emblems central to us as Freemasons.

’The designs also incorporate outstanding innovative features including integral UV representations of the United Grand Lodge of England 300 logo with significant GPS coordinates, and are a worthy commemoration of our tercentenary celebrations.’

Isle of Man Stamps and Coins general manager Maxine Cannon added: ’We are pleased to release this innovative and creative set of stamps to mark 300 years of English Freemasonry.

’We have worked very closely with the United Grand Lodge of England, in particular Mike Baker Director of Communications, and on the Isle of Man, Keith Dalrymple and Alex Downie, who have provided us with a wealth of material and thank them for their time, knowledge and assistance in making this such an interesting project.’

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Joanne M · 108 days ago · Report

Congratulations to the Isle of Man Post Office for the amazing stamps they produce, really world class, interesting and very creative.

Walker · 118 days ago · Report

Nowhere on the dollar bill are the words "New World Order" in any language. There are no "Masonic symbols on the dollar, but there is one much older symbol that the Masons also use. And no Masons were involved in the final version of the Great Seal (the image you're referring to).

Genne · 119 days ago · Report

Yes it have more member most in Africa in returned of money they offer by being a membership all those will get that mark for sure...

AlbertH McClelland · 120 days ago · Report Masonic Awareness at The Speed of Light should clear your thinking .?

Manx born (formerl CV) · 120 days ago · Report

An interesting debate Freethinker. Are not most masonic symbols appertaining to religion, their craft and morality? And how can you compare ideals from 500 years ago to today. As an aside, one of the most decent, honest and fair-minded persons I ever knew was the top mason on the island. One Deemster Henry Callow

Freethinker · 120 days ago · Report

Manx Born, you are correct in that the base levels are more than likely genuinely decent chaps, however, look at the Masonic symbolism, it's everywhere, on dollar bills which clearly states New World Order in Latin, they also promoted heliocentric theory a la Copernicus 500 years ago and there would be many that would say that this alone drive the people away from God or a God/s, at the very top out and out Zionists.

Being Happy · 120 days ago · Report

What a fantastic idea. It's about time that Masonry moved away from the absolute secrecy born out of fear of Nazi concentration camps, and back into a more open light. Integrity, equality & morality. It amazing how many people will argue against these core teachings just because of who they are perceived to be coming from.

Manx born (formerl CV) · 120 days ago · Report

Freethinker, three old conspiracy theories without one shred of evidence. The banning of freemasonry occurred nearly 300 years ago, around 100 years after they were burning people at the stake for being witches. Communist countries banned it as well as free speech, political parties, travel etc etc. As ever ET (formerly Phil.T?) sums it all up very well.

Freethinker · 120 days ago · Report

Steve M & Manx Born....I could explain but it would take me as long as it did for Tolstoy to write War and Peace, suffice to say that they are linked to the Illuminati and Jesuits, they were outlawed from many countries due to their Zionist views....zionism, that'll do as an explanation in itself for Evil I said, the great many foot soldiers won't have a clue but the top tiers do.

ET · 120 days ago · Report

I think it's fair to say that most if not all of us are aware the membership of the Freemasons comes with certain......advantages? As probably do many other 'Secret Societies' with a penchant for dressing up & ritual. However, in fairness to the Post Office these are just a set of very pretty stamps well up to the usual standard and likely to be another collector's wanting. Guddonya Manx Post Office.

Manx born (formerl CV) · 120 days ago · Report

Practice what you preach MD. Spook, are you suggesting that freemasons have a big say in our government? Freethinker, why do you believe that freemasonry is evil?

Modern Democracy · 120 days ago · Report

More condescension from the lofty CV - why can't you just let people express their opinion without imposing criticism (but no thought through view of your own)?

Steve M · 120 days ago · Report

With a name like Freethink, you don't see to be free thinking in this case. Please explain your reasoning behind the Evil Kabal?

Scott · 120 days ago · Report

If the logo is invisible, how do we know it's there...?

Freethinker · 120 days ago · Report

Wonderful, we are now celebrating the Evil Cabal, admittedly the foot soldiers have no real idea of what the Freemasons stand for and how they came about but the top tiers certainly do....Hell, why don't we have a set of stamps commemorating Satanism next.

Manx born (formerl CV) · 120 days ago · Report

Sorry Spook, I don't follow you. And your remark about Mr Downie is in my opinion somewhat crass. I am not a freemason by the way

Gdad · 120 days ago · Report

Stamps with masonic symbols? There's got to be something going on here?

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