Driver fined £250 for looking at mobile phone

in Crime

A driver who picked up his mobile telephone moments before pulling over to continue the call was fined after a passing motorist told police.

Footage of Thomas Herbert Sands was captured on the other driver’s dashboard camera then presented to police.

Barry Swain, for the prosecution, said the 53-year-old was seen in his Nissan Navara, answering the telephone as he pulled over into the Middle River Industrial Estate on September 15.

’He was not spoken to until October, the matter having been reported by a witness,’ Mr Swain said.

’He was shown some still images taken from a dashboard camera before entering his plea.’

He added: ’There was no criticism of the defendant’s driving. it’s just that he should not have been using his telephone.’

Sands, who lives at Governor’s Road in Onchan, admitted using his telephone while driving.

Defending him, advocate Stephen Wood said: ’The conversation between the defendant and his caller actually took place while he was parked in the car park.

’The telephone rang, he lifted it up and looked at it, then stopped and spoke. So the actual call - the conversation - took place when he was stopped in the car park.

’It is on that basis that he pleads guilty,’ he said.

He added his client had a clean licence and no previous convictions but it was simply a natural reaction to pick up the telephone when it rang. He had stopped before actually answering it.

Magistrates’ chairman Brian Walton told him: ’We understand the cirucumstances and take that into consideration.’

He was fined £250 for the telephone offence and must pay costs of £50. His licence was endorsed with four penalty points, to be paid in seven days’ time.