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When it comes to the world of virtuoso guitar playing, quite often the music comes before the songwriting, with verses and choruses only providing a vehicle for the well-crafted music.

That is something that doesn’t apply to Jeff Lang.

The Australian singer/songwriter and devilishly skilled guitar maestro has just released his latest solo album, called ’Alone In Bad Company’, and has embarked on a world tour, taking in dates throughout Australia, Europe, the UK and America.

Luckily for Manx music fans, that will include a date on the Isle of Man at Noa Bakehouse on April 30.

Jeff has long been lauded as both a stunning guitarist and has gained a reputation for creating haunting, poetic songs.

He seems to hoover up inspiration from whatever he listens to, from Irish and Scottish folk songs, delta blues, country or rock, and manages to channel them into genuine lyrical and musical masterpieces and, as he says himself, ’gets the bird of music to fly.’

He describes his music as ’Disturbed Folk’, and frequently turns to the darker side of life as the basis for his songs, which have featured in over 20 albums.

Jeff previously played on the island in 2013, having travelled over before to be part of the Guitarfest in 2011, and one off concerts during 2008 and 2009, all organised with promoter Jonno Gollow.

He was so taken with the island and aspects of its folklore, that he included a reference to ’Mannanan’s Cloak’ in his song ’Edge Of The Light’, taken from his 2009 album ’Chimeradour’.

Jeff said he is looking forward to returning to the island and said that each visit he has made in the past has been different.

’Every visit I have made to the Isle Of Man has had a slightly different mood, and thankfully they’ve all been positive ones,’ he said.

’The chance to bounce songs off different audiences always feels stimulating. When it’s a quirky or unusual place it’s even more so, but you never know ahead of time exactly what the vibe’s going to be like.

’But I’ve met some lovely people there and so it’s great to catch up.

’I’ll be playing some of the new songs for sure. I’m really looking forward to it.’

Tickets for the concert are available from Noa Bakehouse or though the Jonnpromotions website, and are priced £20.

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I mistook the headline for a report on the meeting about the future of Ramsey Courthouse!!

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