Driver did not stop at T-junction and wrote off car

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A driver who went straight on at a T-junction cannoned into a parked car opposite, hitting it so hard it was written off, a court was told.

James Robinson, for the prosecution, said Natalie Marie Westhead, of Greenfield Road, Willaston, was driving a black BMW automatic car down Kelvin Road, i Onchan, when she careered through the junction with Auburn Road.

’She carried straight on into the car that was parked ahead and wrote it off. She appeared not to have slowed down at all,’ he said.

Westhead, who is 26, told police she couldn’t understand it and thought a mechanical defect could be at the root of the problem, possibly affecting the brakes.

However a test centre examiner looked at the car and found no defect in the brakes or steering system that would have contributed to the accident.

Despite this, she insisted she thought there was a mechanical problem.

She admitted driving carelessly on September 29.

Defending her, Kate Alexander said her client was convinced a mechanical malfunction had led to the accident.

’But nothing was found so she can’t offer any explanation,’ she said.

’It was an accident and there was no intention. There were some defects she didn’t know about, but they were not causative. There were no injuries but this has had a financial impact for her.

’She is urging you not to disqualify her as she uses the car to take her children to various activities.’

Magistrates’ chairman, Pat Costain fined her £400 with £50 costs and six points.