How romantic are you? We ask Manx public

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Couples all around the world will be celebrating Valentine’s Day today.

Have you sent or received any cards? Will you be taking your loved one out for a special treat?

Do you have a best and worst Valentine’s Day?

And how do the single ones among us feel?Is it an important day at all or just all hype and another excuse to get us to spend more money?

We went looking for romantics in Strand Street to ask what they thought about the day.

Angie Christian, 56, from Eairy said: ’I’ve been married for 35 years but we don’t send each other cards.

’My husband is taking me on holiday to Cuba in 10 days’ time though. He said we won’t be doing Valentine’s because we’re going on holiday.

’I would say it’s the best present I’ve received.

’My husband isn’t really a present buyer so anything that I did get would be gratefully received. It is an important day and it is very special, in lots of ways, to show that you’re fond of somebody.’

David Griffiths, 51, from Peel said: ’I’ve been married for seven years. We do send each other Valentine’s cards.

’We’re going out at the weekend instead of Tuesday, for dinner, so we can have a drink and not worry about the following day. My worst Valentine’s was when I forgot to get her a card one year, that didn’t end up particularly well.

’I think it is an important day though because sometimes in life you’re so busy and get wrapped up in things, it’s time to just stop and pause, and focus on each other for a little bit.’

Daniel Everest, 26, from Ballaugh said: ’I’m single. You never know, maybe I’ll send one to my Mum or something. I might treat myself to dinner.

’I’ve had good Valentine’s Days in the past. I always like to send a card, or make a card for someone.

’I don’t think it’s that really an important day. It’s alright for some people. If I was in a relationship I would probably make a card and maybe go out for dinner.’

Peter Tempest, 82, from Onchan said: ’I’m a widower, but we did used to do things for Valentine’s Day. We would go out for lunch or I’d buy my wife flowers or chocolates.

’I have just met someone else, and I’ve sent flowers and a card. I don’t really think it’s an important day though, it’s just a tradition.’

Keith, 71, and Mary Greenwood, 68, from Onchan have been married for 51 years.

Mary said: ’We do send each other cards but I think it’s under sufferance sometimes.

’We won’t be going out on the day though. It’s just another day but you don’t just want to love them on that day, it should be every day.’

Trevor, 51, and Jo Baker, 43, from Onchan got married six months ago.

Jo said: ’We send each other cards. It just gets better. Our first Valentine’s meal was lovely, three years ago, this will be our fourth Valentine’s Day.

’It’s a nice day to let each other know you appreciate each other but it is a bit commercial now, that’s the scary thing.’

Andy Bukes, 72, from Onchan explained he has married for 43 years.

’We didn’t bother with cards for the first 15 years but since then we have religiously, I don’t know why,’ he said.

’Maybe because I thought everybody else does it, why don’t I do it. We don’t go out on the day, but we’re very much stay at home people. To be honest, I don’t think it’s an important day.

’She should be your Valentine every day. Why just pick one day? Father’s Day, Mother’s Day? Every day should be the same.’

Serena Peel, 32, from Peel is single and won’t be sending any cards this year.

’I would do in the past when I was in a relationship. I wouldn’t necessarily celebrate on Valentine’s Day because the meals and other things are too expensive.

’I don’t really think it’s an important day, I think you should celebrate every day really, not just make it once a year.’

Scott, 38, and Liz Young, 33, from Castletown have been married for three and a half years.

Liz said: ’We sometimes send each other Valentine’s cards. We probably won’t go and do anything though.

’For us it’s not a big thing, but I think it’s up to each individual.’

’I’d probably be a little bit upset if there was nothing at all, not even a "happy Valentine’s". As long as you’re good to each other the rest of the year, that’s the main thing.’

Paul, 49, and Jeanetta Taylor, 54, from Ramsey have been married for 16 years.

Jeanetta said: ’We do send cards to each other and we will be going out on the day too.

’We’ve never forgotten it, we’ve forgotten our wedding anniversary.

’I think it is an important day, because it’s a romantic day when most men and women put themselves out

’It’s not just for the man to make a fuss of the woman, it’s for the woman to make a fuss of the man too.

’ I do like spoiling my husband.’

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