PICTURES: Magical night celebrating Harry Potter

By Mike Wade in Entertainment

Wizards conjured, owls flew, potions were created and there was definitely magic flowing through the air at Waterstone’s bookshop, in Strand Street, Douglas last week.

A Harry Potter-themed night at the bookshop brought out the childhood wizard in a lot of the guests. Most were armed with wands, robes and a head full of Harry Potter spells and charms to fight off Voldemort and his dastardly band of Death Eaters.

Throughout the store, characters from the book were on hand to teach the young witches and wizards how to create Polyjuice potions, although Professor Snape, who was played by shop assistant Jeff Hobson did apologise for the lack of unicorn blood to help spice things up. Professor Trelawney, played by Paige Openshaw, the head of Divination at Hogwarts was on hand to make other fizzing and colourful concoctions and there was also the herbology expert on hand to teach the skills needed to make a mandrake root.

There was also a packed menu of Bertie Botts every-flavour beans, devillish cakes and a constant flow of butterbeer on offer, plus the chance to win a selection of Harry Potter gifts in a quiz.

The organiser of the night, Laura Jones, said she was delighted with the way that the guests entered into the spirit of the evening.

’Everyone has put so much effort into the costumes, and it’s lovely to see,’ said Laura. ’The little children from three upwards through to the winner of our quiz tonight, who was 24.

’There such a lot of Harry Potter fans on the island, so we thought we should be part of the Harry Potter nights, which are happening all over the world tonight.’

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