Man placed concrete block on top of ex-girlfriend's car

By by Court Reporter Twitter: @iomnewspapers in Crime

A 20-year-old Douglas man has been fined £500 after putting a concrete block on top of his ex-girlfriend’s car.

James Thomas Sealey, of Castlemona Avenue, pleaded guilty to a property damage charge and was also ordered to pay £50 prosecution costs.

Prosecutor Hazel Carroon told the court how, on June 18, police were called to Loch Promenade after a report of damage to a red Citroen.

The owner said that she had parked it the night before between 11pm and 11.30pm opposite Nexus bar on the seafront.

On June 18 she had returned to her car at midday to find a concrete block on the roof of the vehicle which had caused a slight scratch and a wiper blade had been ripped off and thrown over a wall.

The owner confirmed that the car had not been in that condition when she left it the night before and said that she suspected her ex-partner was responsible for the damage.

Sealey attended police headquarters voluntarily and said that he had been out drinking on June 17.

He admitted that he had been walking home and seen his ex’s vehicle and became angry and upset.

He admitted that he caused all the damage.

Ms Carroon went on to say that the matter had been sorted through insurance so no compensation was being sought.

Defending Sealey in court his advocate Steve Wood said: ’The victim informed police of her suspicions but my client was only a suspect. He made a full confession without which there may not have been sufficient evidence, so it is to his considerable credit that he has done that.

’Perhaps the path of young love hasn’t run smoothly on this occasion. He accepts things were coming to an end and she wasn’t returning his calls. He wants to apologise to the complainant, he is deeply sorry. He wishes to apologise in open court for his actions. We would ask the court to accept the damage was at the lower end of the scale, a slight scratch and a wiper blade and arm were removed. It was a relatively small concrete block. The court will have dealt with cases where these have been put through windscreens but this is not the case.

Mr Wood went on to say that Sealey was now residing in Liverpool and was on good terms with his ex-partner.

The advocate asked that his client be allowed to pay any fine in instalments as he was currently only working part-time and attending college, studying physical fitness.

’He has attended today and would set up a standing order which would give the court some comfort,’ said Mr Wood.

Magistrates chairman Gill Hamilton-Turner said: ’We have noted your remorse, early guilty plea and limited finances.’

Sealey was ordered to pay the £500 fine plus £50 costs at a rate of £40 per month, starting from March 1.