WI learn all about support for women in the Third World

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Arbory Women’s Institute’s new president Sarah Phillips, welcomed members on a thoroughly cold and unpleasant evening and thanked us for venturing out.

She said that the Christmas party had been successful and that she had received several cards of thanks from our guests from other institutes.

The music at the party was provided by the Ballafesson Brass Band who accompanied members in carol singing.

Guests described the Arbory WI as ’friendly’.

Mrs Phillips reminded members that the group would be celebrating its 65th birthday on February 16.

She then went through the monthly news letter. Members learned that two institutes on the island have had to close.

Members then voted on the resolutions which will be sent to the Federation. The majority voted to work towards measures to combat loneliness in society.

Mrs Phillips then introduced the speaker, Anne Cottier, who talked about ACWW, the Association for Country Women of the World and The United Nations.

She said that the association was set up to support Third World projects aimed at raising living standards.

It is a world-wide organisation of nine million women in 70 countries. World-wide, women do two thirds of work on the land, produce 80 per cent of the food, earn one tenth of the income and own 1 per cent of the property.

ACWW has area presidents who have a voice at the UN and in 2016.

ACWW’s projects also include provision of clean water and proper sanitation.

Romanian orphanages are still in a terrible condition and women who want to make craft items to earn some money cannot procure good materials like wool and thread locally so the goods will not sell.

ACWW sends shoe boxes of donated materials to enable them to do their work. These initiatives are in operation all over the world.

The association relies on legacies, grants and voluntary contributions in order to continue its work.

Arbory WI said: ’This was a most interesting and thought-provoking talk and Instead of our usual competition we were asked to bring craft materials to put in shoe boxes which Ms Cottier took for despatch to where they are needed.’

The vote of thanks was given by Mrs. Jane Galbraith.

The next meeting will be held at Arbory Methodist Hall at 7.15 pm on Thursday (February 9).

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