Crash driver denied causing any damage

By By Court Reporter twitter:@iomnewspapers in Crime

A driver whose lorry clipped a parked car in Ramsey has finally admitted driving carelessly more than a year after the event.

A court heard Graham Paul Hohmann drove off after hitting a Landrover Freelander parked in Parliament Street four days before Christmas 2015.

James Robinson, for the prosecution, told the court the owner was visiting a coffee shop opposite when she saw a red lorry stop near her car and people apparently looking at something at the back of it.

Mr Robinson said the driver’s side of the lorry appeared to have made contact with the wheel arch of the car.

When it was drawn to the driver’s attention he told the car owner: ’If you were parked properly this would not have happened,’ before getting back in to the lorry’s cab and driving off.

Finding the lorry pulled over on Market Hill, the car owner asked for the other driver’s details and was told: ’All the details you need are on the lorry.’

When the damage on the car was pointed out to Hohmann he simply said: ’That’s old damage. You must have scraped it yourself.’

Having contacted the lorry’s owners, to no avail, she called the police.

’CCTV belonging to Ramsey commissioners showed the lorry scraping the car, but the defendant still did not believe he had done anything other than touch the car’s wing mirror,’ Mr Robinson said.

’Hohmann told the police: ’I’ve nothing to say, let it go to court.’

An insurance claim for £1,460 to cover the repairs was paid out by the insurance company but the defendant still had to pay £60 excess, the court heard.

Additional charges of failing to stop or report the accident were withdrawn.

Hohmann’s advocate, Lydia Mulligan said matters had been delayed while they were waiting for an expert’s report to assess the damage on the Landrover and ascertain if it was old or fresh damage. She said CCTV footage showed he was moving very slowly and the driver did later park and speak to the complainant.

’This was not someone driving like the clappers and showing no thought,’ she said.

He was fined £500 and must pay £800 costs as well as £50 compensation to the victim whose car was damaged.